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Please note that all sites must be based in the UK and must be directly related to gardening. We aim to update the website monthly so please allow up to 28 days for inclusion for any free links. Paid advertising options will be completed within a few days of your submissioin.

1. Free basic text link
We offer free text links in return for a reciprocal link on your site. If you wish to add a site to Garden Tourist then please fill in the following form.

2. Homepage advert - one image (optional) and a short description with a link directly to your website - only £75 per year. See the homepage for examples.

3. Homepage banner/button
on the homepage of Garden
Tourist linking directly to your website - only £50 per year.

4. Homepage small ads - smaller text only descriptions in the right hand column on the homepage of Garden Tourist linking directly to your website - only £40 per year.

5. Banner/button on a page of your choice (excludes homepage) linking directly to your website - only £30 per year.

6. Enhanced text link on a page of your choice (excludes
epage) linking directly to your website - only £25 per year.
Up to 250 characters allowed. Your listing will appear in a shaded box above the free text links but below any banner adverts.

7. Garden designers - If you would like to preview examples of your work on Garden Tourist, why not take out a Designer profile?

8. Full page advert
A page of your own with a domain name such as name.
Text and photos to be provided by you (images can be taken from your website).
A draft will be provided for approval first.
A banner or ehanced text link from a page of your choice (excluding the homepage) is included in the price. Excellent value at just £120 per annum. View the following page: for
an example.

Would you like to write an article for Garden Tourist that includes a free link back to your own website? We're always on the look out for new content and are happy to receive guest posts, so long as they contain unique content, are gardening related and of good quality. Email your articles to or get in touch if you have have any questions.

Email for further details about
paid advertising or fill in our online form.

Payment can be by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.
Once your advert is live, we will then email you an invoice setting out full payment details.



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