Miles Garden Design - Bed & Border Plans

Fill in the questionnaire and then print out this page (or you may wish to fill in the questionnaire after printing).
Measure your bed or border and draw it on the grid below or on to graph paper.

Send your questionnaire and plan, along with any photos you may have of your bed or border to: Miles Garden Design, 24 Pople Street, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0PS.
Alternatively, you can scan your documents and email the attachment and any photos to

Area of bed or border:

Total area of bed or border Price Please tick
0-30 sq m £90
31-50 sq m £120
51 sq m and over Contact us for a quote

We will commence design work as soon as we receive your payment.
Please make cheques payable to Miles Garden Design.
Planting plans will usually be completed within 4 weeks but please allow up to 6 weeks in busy periods.

Measuring your bed or border:

Scale (e.g. one square = 1 m)

If you wish to keep any existing plants in your bed(s) or border(s), please mark their position in
the bed / border on the plan. Feel free to indicate any problem areas / important info. on the plan.

Please indicate the direction of North.

If you can, please include a photo (your photos will be returned to you along with your planting plan.)
You can email digital photos to


Please provide as much detail as possible to help us achieve the best planting plan for you.

Personal details

(Dr , Mr , Mrs , Ms , Miss )


Post code:
Email address:


Exposed (where it can be windy or where there is not much protection from the elements)
Average (true of most urban gardens)
Sheltered (protected by a wall or fence)

Type of soil:

Guidelines to help you determine your soil type: Take a small amount of moist soil and rub it between your fingers and then answer the following questions. If the answer is yes then your soil contains significant amounts of:

Is it gritty? Sand

Is it sticky and moulds into a ball? Clay

Slightly gritty, a little sticky and when moulded into a ball cracks easily? Light-Medium loam

Don't know
Other (please specify)


Mostly sunny
Mostly shady
Other (please specify)

Style preferred

Cottage garden
Formal garden
Vegetable / herb garden
Low maintenance
Other (please specify)

Level of maintenance required



Please list any plants that you particularly like. For example roses, bamboos, grasses:

Please list any particular plants that you dislike:

Please tick any colours that you particularly like and would like to appear in your planting:

Red Blue
Orange Purple
Yellow White
Green Black
Don't mind Other (please specify)

Please tick any colours that you particularly dislike and would not like to appear in your planting:

Red Blue
Orange Purple
Yellow White
Green Black
Don't mind Other (please specify)

Please provide any other information that you think would be useful to us: