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Connoisseur Sundials - A wide range of Sundials in brass & bronze.

Courtyard Sundials - Purveyors of an exclusive range of handcrafted sundials. Sundials make the perfect special anniversary & retirement gift. Order online.

David Harber Sundials - Hand-crafted sundials, Armillary spheres, egyptian obelisks & more.

John Close Sundials
- Sundial maker. Beautiful range of hand made sundials. Can be engraved with your own personal inscription. Established in 1991 and one of Great Britains leading sundial makers. Our sundials are made for the precise coordinates of your post/ zip code to ensure an accurate working time piece.

Merlin Sundials - Specialists in the design & manufacture of accurate sundials. All the work is hand made in our workshops.

Stephen Holehan - Hand Crafted Armillary Sundials & Copper Fountains, Bespoke commissions & Garden feature design & installation.



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